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This is an induction generator which I'm putting together from scrap parts. My inspiration came from

PC220154.JPG (44741 bytes) PC220153.JPG (46102 bytes)

Motor, generator, and capacitor bank setup for testing.

It took 270uf of capacitance for it to start generating. With this value I was capable of producing 5-amps while staying in the 110-120vac range. Stepping up to 405uf allowed me to pull 12-amps with a voltage drop to 100vac under full load and an unloaded voltage of 128vac.

Next step is to figure a way to add the additional capacitance as the load increases so I can get a full 15-amps and stay with an acceptable voltage range (unloaded to full-load).

PC220157.JPG (170342 bytes) PC220161.JPG (186954 bytes) PC220162.JPG (201001 bytes)

High-resolution pictures (these take a while to download if you have a slow connection).


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