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2002 American Lung Ride

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Thanks to the support of all those who donated we raised $62,000.00 which is enough to fund the chapters education and asthma programs for the upcoming year. Thanks again to all those who donated!!!

Now on to pictures from the ride.

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Our hotel in Bakersfield the night before the ride.

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Checking in and getting our gear loaded on the trucks.

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Sharon keeping everything (and most everybody) under control.

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Loading the buses for the ride to Paso Robles.

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Stopping for lunch.

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Almost there.

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Gearing up and getting ready to start the ride.

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The first SAG stop (after a 6.9mile climb).

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The second SAG stop (Rod is posing with Debbie in the second Picture).

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Some California poppies we saw along the way.

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More great scenery as we ride through the rolling hills in the coastal mountains.

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SAG stop at the top of the hill.

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Our GREAT hotel in Cayucas at the end of the first days ride. We highly recommend this place. 

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Looking out on the pier as we walked to dinner.

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Dinner was held at this converted garage which has one of the best views in Cayacus. Dan the BBQ-Man is cooking up tri-tip and chicken (see the smoke). 

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Having dinner and getting directions for the next leg of the ride.

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The start of the second day of riding.

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Heading down the coast into Morrow Bay then we took a side trip out to Morrow Rock.

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While at Morrow Rock we saw Peregrine Falcons in addition to these squirls.

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More nice scenery.

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Debbie and "Mouse".

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Riding into Montana deOro.

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Montana deOro SAG stop.

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Enjoying the view with Rod and Kathy before climbing back out of the park.

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Part of our group getting ready to head out.

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Rod's taller than Kathy for once!

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The view on the way out of Montana deOro.

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We made it to the top now it's off to lunch then on to San Luis Obispo (SLO).

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The ducks at the park in SLO.

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Getting ready for our dinner on our second night.

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Heading packing our cloths and heading out for our third and final day of riding.

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Breakfast at Brads in Pismo Beach.

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Riding up Arroyo Grande into wine country.

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Wine country.

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A B29 (I think) flew right over us.

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Our final SAG stop at a local winery. Only 8 miles to go!

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After 110-miles we made it to Jack House back in SLO for our final lunch and presentations. After this we caught the buses for a LONG ride back to Bakersfield then the drive home to Acton.


Training Ride #1 (1/1/2002)

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Lynn Collins is our friend that we met through the Antelope Valley Desert Divers and she has agreed to join us in the year's Lung Ride.  Now, Lynn hasn't been on a bike in several years.  We applaud her spirit and willingness to let us laugh at her.

Lynn's first time with bike shoes and clips. 

tr1_P1010131.jpg (73600 bytes) tr1_P1010132.jpg (68114 bytes)

Learning to click-out of pedals BEFORE stopping  :-)

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Lunch Stop (Debbie-Lynn, Brian-Debbie, Brian-Lynn)

tr1_016.jpg (63938 bytes)

Lynn taking another break the hard way (near the end of our 10-mile ride).

Training Ride #2

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Training Ride #3

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A short ride around Acton - 16.5 miles


Training Ride #4 (4/6/2002)

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We rode 33 Miles to Newhall for quick breakfast at Jack-in-the-
Box.  It wasn't what we had planned, but it was all we had time for before catching the train back to Vincent Hill station from the Newhall station.



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