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Training for the
2003 American Lung Ride

The Last (Eleventh) Training Ride

(27-APR-2003)  39.5 Miles

Acton to Lake LA

Tenth Training Ride

(20-APR-2003)  17.5 Miles

All around Acton

Ready for a short "Easter Morning" ride.

California Poppies !!!

Hooking up with a long time friend "Jeff Walker".

Ninth Training Ride

(6-APR-2003)  36 Miles

Acton to Valencia via Vasquez Canyon and back to Sand Cyn

Eighth Training Ride

(30-MAR-2003)  33.5 Miles

Acton to Newhall

Seventh Training Ride

(22-MAR-2003)  55.5 Miles

Acton to Fox Field and Back!

Brian and I set out with a destination of Fox Field in the northwest Antelope Valley.  It was a beautiful morning in comparison to last Saturday's weather.  Michael was out of town so we had to go without him!

Here's the beautiful Lancaster bike path.....not!  We rode in the street because the bike path was so miserable.

Along the way, we spotted this cool '53 GMC truck!  Brian's Dad has one just like it so it caught our eye.

About 2.5 hours and 27.7 miles later, we arrive at Fox Field!

We were STARVING!!!  The Foxy Landing was extraordinarily busy and we waited about 1 hr. to get our food.  It was a very long hour. 

Refueled and ready for the 2nd leg of our adventure.

Leaving Fox Field.  Hey!  That's our house all the way across the desert and over the mountains in the distance.  Can you see it?

The rewards of cycling in the Antelope Valley!  Look at all the California Poppies on the hills. 

Looking back from Quartz Hill, across the desert toward Fox Field.  No wonder we're running out of steam again!!

We made it to the aqueduct.  We had been praying for a wind at our backs all day with no luck and had really hoped for one now.  Instead we were confronted by a strong headwind for the final 10 miles home. 

Sixth "Raining" Ride

(15-MAR-2003)  12.5-Miles

Acton to Palmdale

This was a planned 35-40 mile ride to the far North-East end of the Antelope Valley. As you can see the weather was bad from the start and got worse the farther we went. After getting soaked to the bone and having a blown tire we aborted the ride in Palmdale at the 12.5 mile mark...

Fifth Training Ride

(9-MAR-2003)  30.5-Miles

Acton to Palmdale then across the Antelope Valley

Michael is ready to go...

Headed up towards Vincent Summit
(The morning was perfect for riding)...

Looking out across the Antelope Valley...

Riding along the California Aqueduct...

The bike path through Palmdale and Lancaster was a mess
(due to construction)...

Sierra Hwy towards the County line and Rosamond...

Our ride caught up to us two miles from the Kern county line
(Sierra Hwy and Avenue "C")...

Fourth Training Ride

(2-MAR-2003)  27.2-Miles

Acton to Valencia via Soledad Canyon

Soledad Canyon road...

Stopping by the Shambala reserve...

The lions were pacing about waiting to be fed
(don't get too close when they are hungry)...

One more training ride in the bag...

Third training ride

(23-FEB-2003)  11-Miles

Hills of Acton including a climb up Crown Valley

Debbie was still studying for her Human Physiology class so Mike and I headed out on our own.

Second training ride

(16-FEB-2003)  20.5-Miles

Acton to Santa Clarita over Escondido Summit

Brian (me), Debbie, and Mike.

Getting ready to head out on our 20-mile ride from Acton to I-Hop in Santa Clarita.

It was a cold and dreary day with threatening rain and a head-wind all along the way.

Debbie and Mike working their way up to Escondido Summit (3,200').

Bob was there at the end to have breakfast with us and give us a ride home.

First training ride

(9-FEB-2003)  13-Miles

Escondido to Santiago Loop


Debbie was sick and couldn't make the first training ride.
Our friend Michael is joining us this year and he hadn't been on a bike in a while. Being a good trooper he managed to get the hang of the clip-in pedals and survived 13-miles in the hills around Acton (only falling once with his feet still clipped in).

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