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All smiles now that the grill is in!

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The front end is coming together

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First Road Test (20-APR-2002) !!!

We put the engine back together and after fixing a few minor things decided it was time to take the truck for a test drive.


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Dad backing it out of the driveway for the first time in over 10-years.


First Run 6.jpg (61490 bytes)

Popping the clutch and chirping the tires.


First Run 7.jpg (42474 bytes)

Driving by us on his first trip around the neighborhood.


First Run 8 All Smiles 2.jpg (184949 bytes)

Look in the window and you will see he's all smiles!!!


First Run 9.jpg (55537 bytes)

Back in front of the house after completing a successful first road test...

Last Fall (2001) we started the engine for the first time and noticed a leaking head gasket. Now that Spring is here (2002) we pulled the head and replaced the gasket and a bad head bolt.

Head Gasket 2.jpg (55166 bytes)

Dad, cleaning the nasty exhaust manifold.

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Pulling the head.

Head Gasket 9.jpg (55943 bytes) Head Gasket 10.jpg (51927 bytes) Head Gasket 12.jpg (46815 bytes)

Cleaning the block.

Head Gasket 7.jpg (47533 bytes) Head Gasket 8.jpg (54676 bytes)

Everything is looking good.


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