Kennedy Space Center

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Visiting the Kennedy Space Center (KSC)

Our first view of the "Vehicle Assembly Building".

This is the largest Single story building in the world. Each of the stripes on the flag are the width of a lane on the highway.

Look closely at the bottom of the center picture (centered at the bottom of the white area). You can almost see the doors where the workers enter. The right picture is a blow-up of the worker doors.

Crawler Transport's number one and two. These lift the Mobile Launch Platform with the assembled rocket on it then carries them both out to the Launch Pad.

Mobil Launch Platform. this is what the rocket or Space Shuttle is assembled on.

Launch Control Center with shutters that close in case there is an explosion on the pad or during launch.

This is the gravel highway the crawlers travel on. We are at the intersection with the top tracks going to Shuttle Pad 39B and the tracks to the right going to Shuttle Pad 39A.

Space Shuttle Launch Pad 39A.

Space Shuttle Launch Pad 39B.

Atlas and other Launch Pads.

Command and Control Center for the Apollo missions.

The business end of a Saturn-V Rocket (1st Stage).

A view from each end of the Saturn-V.

Saturn-V 2nd Stage, 3rd, Stage, Service Module, Command Module and Lunar Lander.

This is a scale model of the assembled Saturn-V.

This is at Rocket Park. On the left is a Saturn-1B, in the center is my friend "Wild" Bill, and on the right are loads of rockets from the 60's and 70's.

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