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The two canister lights pictured were built from scratch  after reading

"The Dive Light Companion". 


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Here is one light assembled and ready to go diving.

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The two batteries are connected in series providing 12-volts at 4.7-amper/hours. This coupled to a 35-watt bulb gives a comfortable 40-minutes of burn time and plenty of reserve.

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Here is the wreck head which was turned out of billet aluminum and utilizes a MR16 bulb.

P1090165.jpg (55979 bytes) P1090164.jpg (64484 bytes)


I happened to have a scrap section of lexan tube. With a bit of forethought and careful cutting I was able to salvage two 4.5"x9" light canister bodies out of it.

P1090161.jpg (55863 bytes)


The lids and ends are also made of lexan but I had to glue up a couple scrap pieces to get the desired thickness. You can also see the recess for the batteries and switch.

P1090162.jpg (62487 bytes) P1090163.jpg (60806 bytes)


I was going to make a charger but ran across this Yuasa battery charger. I monitored the current and voltage on a number of charges and also tested the performance of the charged batteries. What I found was the Yuasa does as good job as I can manually monitoring the charge but I don't have to worry about forgetting the batteries and burning them up.

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