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This is a basic Nitrox Fill whip. It takes O2 from a supply cylinder and fills a SCUBA tank to a precise pressure. Once the O2 has been added the tank is then topped up with air and analyzed for O2 content. A lot of the information for this project came from the "Oxygen Hackers Companion" from Airspeed Press.


Fill Whip Unit.jpg (43998 bytes)

Key components of this whip include the precision fill gauge and needle valve. It is also important to note that all components must be O2 compatible, O2 cleaned, and capable of handling the high pressures involved.


 Fill Whip Supply Guage.jpg (48407 bytes)  

This picture shows the supply gauge, needle valve, and high pressure hose.


Fill Whip He-O2 Adaptor.jpg (50113 bytes)

O2 to He adaptor for the supply gas.


Fill Whip Fill Guage 2.jpg (52989 bytes)

Here you can see the other end of the HP hose, the precision fill gauge, and the SCUBA yoke with bleeder valve.


Fill Whip Fill Guage Close.jpg (52564 bytes)

Here is a close-up of the fill gauge.


Fill Whip Case 1.jpg (58552 bytes) Fill Whip Case 3.jpg (52761 bytes) Fill Whip Case 2.jpg (58515 bytes)

Here it is in its storage and traveling case. Connections to the actual whip are via AN fittings which facilitates the interchanging of components and is a good compromise (for me) between tapered threads and quick disconnects.


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