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This is one of my homemade NiMH battery packs. These deliver 4.5ah at 12volts and power our 10w HID dive lights for over 4-hours. 

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Two of these packs easily fit in a Dive Rite Wreck Canister for 9-hours of burn time in a very small package.

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New "4/3 Fat-A" cells with solder tabs (4500mah at 1.2v each). These cells were ordered from The NiCad Lady.

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Stacking the cells together into a 10-pack using a bit of Crazy-Glue to hold them in place. Caution-Insure they are oriented correctly as it's almost impossible to to separate them once glued. 

Heat Sink 1.jpg (43557 bytes) Heat Sink 2.jpg (44577 bytes)

Never solder to batteries without a heat sink. Here you can see me using a hemostat to isolate the soldering heat from the batteries.

Wired Pack 1.jpg (39020 bytes) Wired Pack 2.jpg (40406 bytes)

Once the pack is at this stage it's time to charge and burn test it. One pack I made was accidentally shorted during assembly (oops..). The good news is a total discharge doesn't hurt NiMH cells but I did need to individually charge each cell up to .8-1.0v before the automatic charger would work correctly.

Pack wo Wrapper 2.jpg (31768 bytes) Pack wo Wrapper 1.jpg (37330 bytes)

End plates cut from .060" HDPE

First Charge 1.jpg (48176 bytes)

First full charge on the Maha/Radio Shack (p/n 23-250) charger.

Click on the following link for a spreadsheet with detailed burn test data for my first NiMH pack. 

Burn Test 1.xls


These packs have performed flawlessly. I'm now a complete convert and have been using NiMH cells (solder-tab and button-top) in a number of different applications with nothing but praise (underwater strobes, digital cameras, etc.).

I receive a lot of e-mail asking where I purchased my cells. Mine came from The NiCad Lady.




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