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I was looking at O2 analyzers but the prices seemed a bit steep so I did some investigating on the internet. Once I understood how an analyzer worked (which is pretty simple) I decided to build one.

 There are free plans and parts lists on the internet and that is the direction I was headed until I found OxyCheqOxyCheq sells a kit with all the parts needed for the same amount it would cost me to gather them myself. Therefore I ordered and constructed their ECII (El Chepo II) oxygen analyzer kit.

P1030135.jpg (45751 bytes)  P1030136.jpg (41157 bytes)

Assembly and testing took less than an hour, although mounting everything just right took significantly longer. The only deviation I made was to mount it in the lid of a tiny dry box. This allows me to store the sensor, cord, and T then toss it in my dive bag.

This was a very rewarding project, that works great, and is a good value !!!


One change I'd make would be to use a larger dry-box and mount the meter in the bottom section on one side leaving room on the other side for the cables and stuff (a small calculator etc.). This would eliminate the problem of the box flipping over when the heavy cover is opened.

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