Bikini Atoll 2004

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Penetrating the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga (CV3)

One wrong kick and the visibility dropped to near zero

Exploring the Pursers Office (I entered through the window in the door)

One of the many Sculleries in the ship

Bunk Room and Pantry

Through the 4th bulkhead then down the stairs to a lower deck

I stirred up some silt at the bottom of the stairs as I did a 180 but did manage to see some firefighting equipment

At last, the hatch to the Dentist's Office

Spittoon, work table, Mortar and Pestle set (for crushing medicine)

Dental chair

Dental instruments still in one drawer and drugs in another

A dental station (air, water, drill , etc.)

The literal "End of the Line"

Sunset after one of my most memorable dives


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