Cenote Dive 1998

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Cenote Diving on Cozumel

(With Chuck Jones 9/98)

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We dove in this Cenote while in Cozumel.  A Cenote is an inland cave system which is filled with water.  The entrance to this system is about 8 feet down and just past where we were sitting. It was quite a thrill and when we went through the layer of salt/fresh water visibility went to zero. Once inside the system we all moved very slowly to prevent stirring up the silt.  The amazing thing was that our air consumption was very low. This was due to the slow movements, no current, and focus on controlling one's anxiety.  Our guide worked for the Regional Cave Diving Safety Officer, had tons of experience, and carried plenty of backup gear. If you plan on doing something like this make sure you have researched the business and the dive guide.   There have been many tragedies due to unqualified guides. Don't become one!

The picture on the left is the Cenote we entered and the picture on the right is the Cenote where we exited (click on either picture to make it bigger).

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