Cozumel 2005

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In July 2005 I lead a group of divers to Cozumel, MX for some fun and a lot of Diving. Most of the group was either present or former members of the Antelope Valley Desert Divers and had been on our previous trip to Cayman Brac. For this trip I rented a Mansion on the beach adjacent to Palancar Reef, arranged for our meals to be cooked in our kitchen by our own cook, and chartered a our own dive boat for a week with, in my opinion, the top dive operation on the island.

Our Cozumel Mansion (for a week)

Five Bedrooms,  Dining Room, Den, Pool, Beach, and Kitchen (with a cook),

Getting ready for a day in the sun

The windward side of the island


Our cook making another GREAT meal

Ricardo, owner of Careyitos Advanced Divers, runs a GREAT dive operation

Ready to splash

Hanging out (some made-out) between dives

John, LeRay, Terry, Colleen, and Linda H.

Niki, Linda, Chip, Walt, and Claudia


Caves and Swim-Thrus

Devil's Throat

Other creatures of the deep

Bristle-Worm, Lobster, and fishes

Three of our afternoon Activity Directors

Walt creating the "Launch the Can" competition

John and LeRay playing :-)

Claudia, Linda H., Linda F., and Colleen

Claudia's first and second favorite things to do - humm, make that second and third :-)


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