Key West 2005

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Driving down to Key West


Hanging out with our friends Chip, Linda and Nicky

Claudia and "The Admiral" Linda

On Chip and Linda's sailboat "Dream Chaser" in the Key West Naval Air Station marina

Chip cooking us a GREAT gourmet dinner in our room on NASKW

Chip calls this "The Sound of Freedom"

Snorkeling in the marina, lagoon, and nearby channel

Claudia is checking out the lobsters, eels, and other interesting things along the walls

But watch out for those Jelly Fish that lay upside-down on the bottom

Headed out to do some diving from the sailboat

In the nice warm water we saw

Christmas Tree Worms were living everywhere

A free swimming Green Morey Ell who was very unhappy to come in contact with us

A Jeweled Morey who hid in the rocks

A Grey Angel, Conch, lobster

And all kinds of other interesting things to see



Including a number of LARGE Nurse Sharks

And Barracuda with their threatening teeth

And friendly looking fish (squirrel and ?)

Hanging around in Key West

Is that Ernest Hemingway or Capt. Chip?

These girls "Went all the way to Florida and way down to Key West"

Standing "Guard Duty"

Diving in the Dump with unexploded ordinance (and fish) everywhere

Found a big gun

Looking up I saw a angel

Or was it a mermaid

Then there were these alien plants

Which turned out to be headlights from an old truck


Another Mermaid

And dozens of large Tarpin

And of course GREAT sunsets

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