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Extended Multi Mini Capacitor

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Terry Fritz tested and destroyed a number of Panasonic capacitors in the process of defining starting guidelines for this configuration. For further information, pictures, and technical papers check out Terry's ftp site at http://users.better.org/tfritz/

I designed my assembly with a number of criteria in mind:


Easily re configurable


Repairable at the module level and component level


10% additional safety margin (above what I have had success with)


I used the following Capacitors:


Panasonic ECW-H16563JV (ECWH series)


(Digi-Key P/N P10516-ND)


High Voltage Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitors




1,600VDC (1,200Vp-p)

emmc1.jpg (16644 bytes) emmc2.jpg (16560 bytes)

In the first pictures you can see the individual modules. Each module consists of 22 caps arranged in two strings of 11. This gives each module .010ufd and by placing two modules back-to-back each sub assembly is .020ufd. I took time to insure the voltage potentials on opposing modules was minimized (by making them mirror images of each other)

emmc3.jpg (11904 bytes)

Here you can see the assembly set up as .040uf  I have two more identical boxes and 15 more modules for a total of .18ufd and a spare module.


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