Fiber Probes

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This is the complete Fiber Probe unit as designed by Terry Fritz. The unit consists of (from left to right) a receiver, dual fiber cable, two transmitters, and various current and voltage transducers.


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Current Transducers take up to 500a and convert it to +- 5v to send to the transmitters.


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Voltage Transducers take up to +-50kv and convert it to +- 10ma to send to the transmitters.


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There are two transmitters which can be used concurrently. They take either a +-5v signal or a +-10ma signal and convert it to a light signal. The light signal gets sent to the receiver via a fiber optic cable. This completely isolates the test equipment from the high voltage. 


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Finally the dual channel receiver converts the light signal back to an electronic signal, amplifies it, and provides outputs which connect to an O-scope.


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