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Salient-Pole Synchronous

Rotary Spark Gap

This is the original rotary gap I made fro my 6" coil and it's still in operation.

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This is the setup I used to modify the 1725 rpm motor for 1800 rpm salient-pole operation.  Constructing the mounting fixtures (tale-stock, bushings, etc.) took many many hours while the actual cutting was quick and easy. The modification was done per the directions posted on Brent Turners ftp site or you can download them from here (download 

rsgmod.jpg (72170 bytes)

Motor operation was exactly as expected with one problem in the test setup (If you are using a florescent light as a strobe insure it's not an electronic ballast type since they don't operate at mains frequency).

Here is the initial setup (note: the electrodes and holders were eventually redesigned). The motor and rotor run very smooth with almost no vibration.

rsgside.jpg (36002 bytes)

Initial HV testing exposed a design flaw. The spacing between the conductive (and grounded) mounting screws and the electrode holders was not enough to prevent HV creepage and ultimate arcing across the phenolic.   Additionally, the sharp square edges of the electrode holders cause voltage stresses at exactly the wrong place.  I reworked the mounting system to increase clearances and round off the sharp edges but continued to experience numerous problems and erratic operation.

rsgfront.jpg (49389 bytes)

I got so frustrated at this point that I almost scrapped the whole thing.

Cooler heads eventually prevailed and I put it aside for 6-months. After a break I attacked with a new determination.

The redesigned unit functioned GREAT!

That is, until the cloth skirt around the base of my coil blew into it while it was spining fuull speed! Sorta like the feces hitting the rotary oscillator (See all the broken flying electrodes)...

021100e.jpg (24662 bytes)

I replaced the electrodes and my coil now produces 6' to 7' arcs and sounds like it will come and get you (there is no other sound like a synchronous coil). It also runs for as long as I want without any degradation in the consistent performance.

There is no indication of overheating on the flying electrodes even during 2+ minute runs at 3kw. I'm very pleased with its operation now that the bugs are worked out.

Specifications of the redesigned unit


3/4hp, 1725rpm, CS/IR, Ball-bearing motor. Modified for 1800rpm salient pole synchronous operation.

Rotor LE Phenolic disk 1/2" thick and 9" in diameter. The eight electrode holes are evenly spaced at a radius of 3.75"
Flying Electrodes Eight 1/8" Thorated-Tungsten rods pressed into 1/2" brass holders.
Fixed Electrode Four 1/2" steel rod tipped with 3/8" Tungsten electrodes.
Fixed Electrode Holders Aluminum blocks mounted onto round plastic insulators (adjustable in three axis').
Crossbar Aluminum electrode holder mounted on plastic insulators with a low resistance copper interconnect.
Configuration Four series gaps configured to give 240 breaks-per-second.
Mechanical Dwell .7 ms
Electrode Velocity 59fps

Here are a few shots of the SRSG in it's final form.

SRSG Design2 d.jpg (20848 bytes) SRSG Design2 c.jpg (15793 bytes) SRSG Design2 b.jpg (19631 bytes) SRSG Design2 a.jpg (20887 bytes) SRSG Design2 e.jpg (19579 bytes)


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