1999 Teslathon

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The 1999 Southern California Teslathon is over.  It was a lot of work but from the excited conversations, e-mails and phone calls it was a great success.  In the late afternoon we had 65 participants with thirteen coils and later in the evening there were over 80 people in attendance.

Here are the pictures I've received so far...

Pictures by Jody Kravitz

Pictures by Alan Yang

Pictures by Kevin Ottalini

Pictures by Gene Waldo

Pictures by Dale Hall

Pictures by Steve Cole

Pictures by Tim Ferrell

Pictures by Dave McNamee

Pictures by mom (Kay Basura)


I'll leave the RSVP list up by request of numerous attendees....

Brian Basura 6.5" PT Coil
" Mini-Twin
Ross Overstreet 6.5" NST Coil
Bill Wysock not completed
Gene Lambert +1 not bringing
Richard/Susan Silvera 20" PP Coil
Jeff Parisse Model 8J
Alan Yang not completed
Mike Church +1 2 NST Coils
David McNamee 5.5" NST
" 8" NST
Scott Hanson 6.5" NST Coil
Michael Baumann 6.5" PP Coil
Gene Waldo not completed
Dale Hall 6.5" Batt. Coil
Denis Despins/son/father not completed
John Lybrand +2 not completed
Steve/Fay Cole not bringing
Charles Sprinkle not completed
Mike Ames not bringing
John (Jack) Couture not bringing
Austin Richards 8'
" Backpack
Kevin Ottalini 6" DC
29 16
Debbie Basura n/a
Joy n/a
James/Joe/Justin n/a
Bruce Basura n/a
Mike/Kay/Nick Basura n/a
Lillian/Roy Olofson n/a
Bob/Mike +2 n/a
Aileen White n/a
Jim/Debbie (cookie-man) n/a
Ron/Jane/Ted Luthy n/a
Spiderman n/a
Wallace Edward Brand +3 n/a
Tim/Mari/Marissa Ferrell n/a
John Jackson n/a
David Draper n/a
Michael LaViolette +2 n/a
David Turin n/a
Robert/Amy VanVooren n/a
Jody Kravitz +1 n/a
Paul Boyd/Susan n/a
Unable To Attend
Jon Rosenstiel 6.5" NST
Barton B. Anderson ?
Jeff/Maryann Walker n/a
Mark/Debbie Chagaris n/a
Kye/Nick Steckin n/a
Gordon/Linda Wray n/a
Alan/Jeannette Bunn n/a


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