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With aspirations of sailing across the Pacific Ocean and between South Pacific Islands
we decided that some education might be in order :-)


May 2005
I purchased Nigel Calder's "Cruising Handbook". This book has a wealth of information for anyone who is contemplating cruising. There are well written sections on everything from boat design and mechanical systems to dealing with injury and illness. I highly recommend it.



June 2005
I complete the USCG Auxiliary  class "Americas Boating Class". Parts of the class were so basic it seemed like a waste of time but other parts of the class were informative and worth the time.


July 2005
Claudia buys me "Chapman's Piloting and Seamanship". Wow, what a great reference book and it is huge. Whenever I have a question I get it out and read a chapter or two.



November 2005
Claudia and I complete our first US Sailing certification, Basic Sailing, at USMC Camp Pendleton.


December 2005
Claudia  completes the USCG Auxiliary class "Boating Skills & Seamanship" receiving her NASBLA certificate.


January 2006
Nigel Calders "Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual" is the best book so far. It answered MANY questions and is worth every penny. Includes very detailed information on boat systems, different system strategies, pros and cons, and maintenance. This is a must-have book for any boat owner and especially those contemplating cruising.


February 2006
"When There is No Doctor" is packed with good stuff but it's not for the squeamish! Lots of good information on parasites and illnesses we don't routinely encounter in suburban life but are common in the jungles and tropics.



February 2006
"Wilderness Medicine" gives lots of alternative treatments so you can use the items and medicines available when the accident or illness occurs. It also goes into Medical Kits for those off the beaten path including over-the-counter items to prescription drugs one might want to carry.



April/May 2006
"Maiden Voyage" A biography of Tania Aebi who at 18, and with very little sailing experience, set off in a 26' boat to circumnavigate the world alone. Great reading with lots of experiences from her two and a half year adventure.



May 2006
Claudia and I are called up from the waiting list to take the Basic Keelboat and Offshore Cruising classes at USMC-CS Camp Pendleton. Claudia was free so she took the classes and passed them.


May 2006
The AARL's "HF Digital" Handbook has a good sections on "Airmail" which is e-mail over the HF Ham Bands, "WinLink 2000",  "Pactor" and other protocols used to transmit digital information over amateur radio bands.



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