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Brand New SRSG Motors For Sale!!!

Two different types of high quality SRSG motors are available (1800rpm and 3600rpm). Both motor types have been proven in Tesla Coil service (pro and hobbyist) and are capable of spinning a 12" 8-electrode rotor with plenty of power to spare. 

Motors are brand new, ball bearing, 1/2hp,  1/2" shaft, Nema 48 frame, dual voltage, and RB cradle mount.

Each motor is fully modified and tested with a 12" 8-electrode rotor before shipment !

Shipment is via Priority Mail within 2-days of receiving payment.


1800-rpm Salient Pole Synchronous Motors

SRSG 1800 Motor 1.jpg (11521 bytes)     SRSG 1800 Motor 2.jpg (12981 bytes)

These are perfect for medium sized coils (This is the motor I use on my 6" coil)

The lower RPM vastly reduces balancing issues

Plenty of power to spin almost any rotor configuration

$280.00 plus shipping and insurance (21lbs from 93510)


3600-rpm Salient Pole Synchronous Motors

SRSG Motor 1.jpg (27755 bytes)   SRSG Motor 2.jpg (29071 bytes)

These are the same motors used in many large professional coils

Easily spins a 12" rotor with eight 1/4" tungsten electrodes

The higher RPM reduces mechanical dwell times

$260.00 plus shipping and insurance (16lbs from 93510)


Order Information

Preferred payment is US Postal Service money order.

Other payment options can be arranged (contact me in advance).

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I also provide custom made RSG parts (from individual components up to completed units). Contact me with your specifications for a quote.

RSG_Parts_1.jpg (37378 bytes)

5kw sized parts for a client.

One of many 5kw units I've made.

Three 10kw units ready to go out.

 10J_RSG_4.jpg (35344 bytes)

Two different +20kw units



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