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Tesla Coils
A "Horizontal-Bipolar-Tube-Coil" I'm building
Something BIG is in the works!!!

Ross standing with the secondary forms for the new R&B Tesla Coil

My original 6.5" Tesla Coil
The Mini-Twin bipolar Tesla Coil
 Bruce's Coil
(I built it for my brother) 
Parts, Parts, and more Parts
The original Secondary coil for my 6.5" Tesla Coil
Shiny new Primary coil for my 6.5" Tesla Coil
Rolled Poly Caps
These homemade caps served me well
Style static spark gap
  My first Control Box
It's now obsolete and has been scrapped
Power Controller
This is my 10kva power controller with internal inductive current limiting  
Potential Transformer
Ran backwards it gives me 12,000 volts
 MMC Capacitors
These have replaced rolled, plate, and other types of home-built tank capacitors
Rotary Spark Gap
This was a great learning experience
High Power Static Spark Gap 
This gap is capable of sustained operation at power levels over 3kva
  DC Conversion
I'm working up a method of charging the tank cap from HVDC
 Pole-Pig Diet
I gutted this pig, chopped down the tank, and re-animated it
- Spun Aluminum Torroid 
 New Secondary Coil
Higher inductance and a bit longer
Some of the SRSG's
I've made for others

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