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This little "Pole-Pig" was way too fat so he went in for surgery.

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Here it is on my truck. In it's original state it weighed 281 pounds

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First I drained the 14 gallons of certified PCB free oil (without spilling any).  Once it was drained I was able to see the LV connections, the 7.2/14.4kv switch, and the top of the transformer. The switch was pulled out and tossed.

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Now to get the transformer out of the can. This required a chain, winch, and a helper.

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The center section of the can was marked for removal. I used my Sawzall and cut the can into three pieces (tossing the center section).

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Here is the can after re-welding and adding wheels. I now need to grind the welds and re-paint the can. Notice how much shorter it is.

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Re-installing the transformer.

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This shows how much I removed.

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The Pig now weighs 191 pounds (That's a weight savings of 90 pounds). The shorter can also lowers the CG and generally makes it easier to transport.

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I rigged up a simple balance scale to weigh it.

Pole Pig Road Box 1.jpg (15705 bytes)

And here's its new home.

Note: Some wonder if it still works. The answer is yes (I've ran it up to 20kva which is the absolute maximum I can supply).


This pig was sold and since that time has been in the LA Times (with it's new owner). It's also made a couple trips to "Burning Man' and other events.

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