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A BIG "Twin Tesla Coil" Ross and I are working on !!!

R&B Secondaries.jpg (36734 bytes)

Secondary forms

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Motorized winding and coating jigs

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Sealing the Secondary forms

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Open frame Base Units

Primary insulators


Winding the first Primary

Our first Stress and Voltage plots

Mutual Inductance Modeling
QTC Design Spreadsheet

Time to do some calculations to insure the feel of the pants design we are implementing is in the ball-park.

The latest Stress plot looks good!!!

The Primaries are complete and they are BIG!!!

Machining the tiny combs needed to space wind the magnet wire. That is a solid carbide end-mill with a width of only .035"

Finished combs ready for a trial wind.

Ross does a test wind to see if space winding the magnet wire using a comb is feasible. The wind turned out good so we are ready to wind.

All cleaned up and ready to wind the first coil.

Ross is laying down the mile of wire needed for each coil while maintaining a .055" space between turns.

The second one is cleaned up and ready to wind.

Click here for a QuickTime Movie of the wire as it goes on the second form (Check out how fast the form is turning).

All wound and ready to be coated.

After the first coat of GlazeCoat the wire looks like it's been wound in liquid glass.

Finished winding and coating !!!

The 15kva dry-pig we plan to use.

I'm getting really sick of tapping holes in aluminum and phenolic rod (Parts are for the two rotary spark gaps).

Bushings are installed to help prevent burning the G10 rotors at high power levels.

The two units are waiting for the shorting bars and tungsten electrodes to be completed.


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