Tube Coil

Home Up


The pile of parts I started with (including some WWII era 811a tubes)


Laying out the cabinet and test fitting

Gluing up

Cutting out the grille

The completed cabinet before installation of the electronics

Installing the custom built sequence switch

Switch in the off, warm-up, and run positions

Winding the secondary (the first time). During the winding I broke the very fine wire but managed to splice it back together. After the winding was complete I tested the wire and found out the splice was bad.


I stripped off the wire and wound it for a second time.

The second winding was beautiful so I moved forward and coated it with resin but the coating failed to cure properly.

This necessitated me stripping off the sticky mess and winding it for a third time

The third winding went fine and I decided to use a polyurethane coating which is more forgiving than resin (but takes patience to apply and let dry between coats). It's now looking good and tests OK.


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