Feb 11, 2000

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Alex Crow (from England) visited me on a rainy Friday night in February.

Here is a picture of Alex and his uncle Ivan.

021100d.jpg (31061 bytes)

We played with the mini-twin, prototype bird-cage, and finally my 6" coil. Less than 15 seconds into the first run disaster struck. The wind was really blowing and the skirt blew into the SRSG. This crashed the SRSG breaking off all the flying electrodes.    : (

021100e.jpg (24662 bytes)

Luckily, I've been working on a new high power static gap. 

pdrm0030.jpg (42240 bytes) pdrm0028.jpg (40384 bytes)

A bit of reconfiguration and the coil was screaming. The ground strikes are 7' long and the output was spectacular.

021100a.jpg (54481 bytes)


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