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May 7th, 2005
Ed Takes a ride in The Cage for his 70th birthday
October 19th, 2002
Firing my new secondary


September 23rd, 2000
Burning Plywood with arks shooting out the end
  August 5th, 2000
Lash-up we used for running in DC charging mode
April 15th, 2000
Banjo Effect from Kevin Ottalini's DC coil
February 19th, 2000
My very first Flux Capacitor
February 11th, 2000
Alex Crow is visiting from England (he is with his uncle Ivan)
January 22, 2000
My wife Debbie testing the initial "Proof-of-concept" Cage of death
September 25th, 1999
Three coils arranged in a triangle and all firing at the same time 
May 22nd, 1999
Scott, Ross, and I having an informal get together.
 May 15th, 1999
Bill Wysock is showing us the famous Dick Aurandt coil (and lighting the BBQ with it's arcs)
April 24th, 1999
Ross' coil throwing some good arcs to the strike rail
February 20th, 1999
Ross and I meet in person for the first time
  October 31st, 1998
Our first Tesla-Coil Halloween (we are now legendary in our town)
First Inside Run
This is the first time I ran my coil indoors (eventually blowing out the garage door opener)
First Run of my Coil
This is the first time my coil ever ran


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