Feb 20, 1999

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Mini Teslathon

Ross and his coil

ross.jpg (41982 bytes)

Ross Overstreet has a very well built 6.5" coil.  It traveled well and performed good no matter what we changed.  Ross has a Web page at http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Cockpit/3377/

Me and my coil

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Here I am with my 6.5" coil and the experimental dual toroid (Had a lot of difficulty getting it to break out).

Mad Scientists

ross-basura1.jpg (52506 bytes)

Here we are in my driveway.  Both coils set up and ready to run. The neighbors couldn't believe there were now TWO coils in my driveway. 

We sure made a lot of noise and had a great time.

Sparks from My Coil

ross-basura3.JPG (29864 bytes)

Both Coils Running Together

ross-basura2.jpg (27546 bytes)

It was quite fun to run both coils at once.  Before the run we speculated on what would/could happen, AC power requirements, etc. We'd like to run them together again and move the coils closed together :)

At this point in the evening we had done a lot of changes.  Ross had my toroid on his coil and I was experimenting with a dual toroid design. Neither system was optimized but the "fun factor" had taken over and sparks were flying.

(Sorry about the picture quality but in the excitement of running both coils at once I bumped the aperture setting on the camera).


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