Sep 25, 1999

Home Up


Ross and I had another one of our Saturday night get together. This evening we had three coils including Alan Yang's which he recently completed.

092599-1.jpg (25099 bytes) 092599-2.jpg (35131 bytes)

The picture on the left shows Alan's secondary as it starts on fire (there is a jet of flame shooting out of it). The picture on the right shows the jet of flame as it really gets going (The flame is so bright it's lighting up the primary). In typical "go-for-broke" fashion, Alan ran until he lost a cap then he reconfigured and ran some more (not worrying about the small fire).

092599-3.jpg (64726 bytes)     092599-4.jpg (79904 bytes)

Free fire zone !!!

It's really a blast to all run at the same time (note: The coils are 6' apart and configured in a triangle). Most times all three coils would have connected streamers. Ross and I often shared an arc channel and Alan's secondary was an occasional target for strikes from my coil (no it didn't cause his flame out).

092599-6.jpg (54107 bytes)

Ross hammers his strike rail.

 092599-5.jpg (44137 bytes)

I send one 6' to the ground (avoiding my strike rail - weird).

092599-7.jpg (62081 bytes)

Ross was wondering where his Diet Coke went. I think I found it (see inside the green circle).


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