Oct 19, 2002

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ross_tube_1.jpg (44910 bytes)

Ross Overstreet taking portable coiling to a new level.

ross_tube_2.jpg (49465 bytes)

Leaning back ready for those Big arcs.

ross_tube_3.jpg (45515 bytes)

Dejected after trying and trying to make it work with no success.


rock_on_1.jpg (40426 bytes) rock_on_2.jpg (35240 bytes) rock_on_3.jpg (42705 bytes) rock_on_4.jpg (40871 bytes)

Running my coil with the new higher inductance and longer secondary.

rock_on_5.jpg (38882 bytes)

Taking a hit to the pole pig (which is 7' from the coil). Notice the arc hits the HV insulator then leaves it headed for the ground.

rock_on_6.jpg (33130 bytes)

Cranking out some great ground strikes.


laptop_burning_1.jpg (29589 bytes) laptop_burning_2.jpg (28607 bytes)

The wife was away so it was time to burn something. Now where did I leave that Toshiba laptop :-)

laptop_burning_3.jpg (21024 bytes) laptop_burning_4.jpg (30025 bytes) laptop_burning_5.jpg (33212 bytes)

This is the ultimate in environmental testing of a laptop.

laptop_burning_6.jpg (56065 bytes)

The final results after another fun filled evening...


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