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I was invited to witness the running of the historical Dick Aurandt coil which was built in 1939. For more information on this coil see Bill Wysock's page at

The event  took place in Bill Wysock's high voltage test facility (aka "His back yard").  We had a great time, the people were wonderful, and the food was great.

Unfortunately my camera died during the setup of the coil (mechanical problem) so I only got a few shots.

This is the base of the unit which incorporates a unique rotary gap, using a synchronous motor, with 5 fixed electrodes and four rotating electrodes.

wysockda1.JPG (56731 bytes)

Continuing to assemble the coil. Bill has the primary in his hand.

wysockda2.JPG (76440 bytes)

Bill is telling us the story of the coil and how he came to know Dick Aurandt.

The secondary is over-wrapped with twine for protection. This gave it a brown appearance.

wysockda3.JPG (62070 bytes)


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