Sep 23, 2000

Home Up


Sylvia Perez and Larry Margul came over to see my 6" coil run. Here's some of the fun things we did.


bulb 1.jpg (21688 bytes)  bulb 2.jpg (13953 bytes)

Frying a light bulb!


sphere 1.jpg (30019 bytes) sphere 2.jpg (16011 bytes) sphere 3.jpg (19924 bytes) sphere 4.jpg (19911 bytes)

Shooting arcs from a new sphere I added to the topload!


florescent tube.jpg (27129 bytes)

Lighting a florescent tube the hard way!


burning 1.jpg (24521 bytes) burning 2.jpg (20913 bytes)

Burning plywood!


Larry Cage 1.jpg (26620 bytes)  Larry Cage 2.jpg (26980 bytes)  Sylvia Cage 1.jpg (27098 bytes)

Larry then Sylvia had a go in the "Cage of Death".


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