May 22, 1999

Home Up


Scott Hanson and Ross Overstreet brought their coils up to my house for a small get together on Saturday May 22nd, 1999.  We had three coils running and about 15 spectators (not counting the neighbors looking out the windows).

As a grand fanilly we ran all three coils at once and it was spectacular.

A few hours after we were done there was a hugh lightning storm. People wanted to know if we had caused it and I couldn't resist taking credit  :') 

Here we are in my driveway (ready to rock and roll). Scott is on the left, Ross is in the center, and I'm on the right.

threecoilers.JPG (62341 bytes)

Scotts coil in action.

scottcoil.JPG (25611 bytes)

Ross' coil throwing sparks.

rosscoil.jpg (25025 bytes)

My coil doing it's thing. Note the lightbulb glowing on top of the toroid and the streamers connecting to  the strike rail. 

Later, with encouragement from the crowd (I think they wanted to see the magic smoke) I acheived a record length of 73" to a grounded rod.

mycoil.jpg (31904 bytes)


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