Feb 19, 2000

Home Up


One of my very creative friends (Jerry Crawford) gave me a Tesla Coil Flux Capacator for my birthday.


fluxcap1.jpg (34521 bytes)

This is the box it came in.


fluxcap2.jpg (55394 bytes)

Here is the Flux Capacator. Note the external Flux Exciter, internal Flux Booster, and quick connectors.


fluxcap4.jpg (38728 bytes)         fluxcap3.jpg (37981 bytes)

He also gave me A spare Flux Booster and a spare Flux Exciter.


fluxcap6.jpg (35224 bytes)

And no Flux Capacitor would be complete without directions.


For those of you who are wondering, It's a gag gift!


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